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Because I love you, I want to rip you apart. I want to pile corpses before you.

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Welcome to Deadly Passions, the Muraki Fan Community.

Please feel free to discuss, post fics, art, etc. You don't have to be a member to join in our polls or discussions, so please feel free to interact with us. I can't promise that we don't bite though. ;)

For new members: Please introduce yourself with this meme, just for fun.

Story submission guidelines are:

Subject Line: Story Title, Author

Please note that R/NC-17 fics are welcome. However, make it clear in the comments area if it contains graphic material. This goes for pictures as well. Fics that have already been posted elsewhere should be linked, especially multi-part ones.

Please try to refrain from character bashing. However, also note that people bashing will be dealt with far more seriously. Let's all be civil here.

You are responsible for your own actions and posts. Please do not bring outside conflicts and disputes into this forum.

Moderator: eag

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Pairing based:
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